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What Our Customers Think

Read our awesome review in NorthernVirginia Magazine


"Delicious! We had the beef with hot peppers which was flavorful and with just the right amount of heat. We also had the pork belly with bamboo which came in a flavorful sauce. The pork belly was tender and perfectly done, melting in our mouths. The tea was also wonderful along and the staff were attentive and courteous. "

-Felipe N.

"First time here and had an awesome dinner ! They are quick as well as fresh. Everything is beautifully plated. The tea set was beautiful as well ! The rose tea was delicious and the orange chicken was all white meat( and you can actually tell). They were super nice and attentive ! Will definitely come again !"

-Vicky B.

"Just got home after a delicious "home-cooked" meal at Yens Cafe. Soo satisfying and you can tell there's a lot of love in the food. I grew up in China and can attest that Yens is very authentic. Sure, they have the dishes that cater to those with more unadventurous palates looking for Americanized Chinese food, but there's nothing wrong with that. They have most of my favorites and I found it extremely stressful to pick only 3 or 4 items from the huge menu.

At the end of our meal we were surprised by a warm custard bun. I feel like I sound like a broken record by now, but it was SO DELICIOUS!

Also want to talk about the staff. One of the ladies came over and asked how we heard about Yens, where we're from, etc. and explained that at Yens, their customers are family. Multiple people came by and asked if we were enjoying our food, and it seemed like they really cared. How refreshing! "

-Katie A.

"Very good Taiwanese food, running the gamut from fare such as orange chicken to more "exotic" dishes such as Taiwanese beef with Chinese spinach.

At Yens I prefer the more authentic  (i.e., not so Americanized) dishes, which have a more interesting flavor. And the soups are outstanding, with what might be the best hot and sour soup I've ever had. Likewise the dumplings are excellent, among the best I've had, and the selection of tea is amazing. "

-Jeff P.

"Not a lot of authentic Taiwanese cuisines in VA. This definitely takes me back to Taipei! They're Taiwanese fried chicken and vegetable dumplings are a must. The juices, you definitely can't go wrong. I love the make yourself buns! Great place and I'll definitely be going again!"

-Raiza B.

"Yens is fantastic -- a really amazing food experience. With advice from the incredibly helpful staff, we ordered the hot and sour soup, P20 with bean curd instead of pork -- bean curd, string beans, dried black bean, and big fluffy bao -- and the three cup chicken. The flavors were complex and amazing, the service was thoughtful, and every dish completely surpassed expectations. I can't stop talking about this place, it is that good. Look forward to coming back, even though it is about a 45 min drive for us. Now we just need a DC location!"

-Molly H.

"Cannot beat it. Our regular go to for takeout or lunch specials. Everything we have tried has been utterly perfect and the service is super friendly!   "  

-Tyler S.

"The three cup chicken was fantastic. I hope to be in the area again just to get this dish. Chunks of chicken cooked with while garlic cloves, freshly sliced ginger, and basil. The flavors are just wonderful and the garlic and ginger helped with the cold I was fighting off. 

Staff is very friendly and lunch prices are reasonable"

-Michael O.

"Yen's Cafe is a great place for authentic Chinese food!  If you like the more "Americanized" Chinese dishes, they have those, too.  And those are done well also.   Their dishes are flavorful and savory without being too salty.  I love how their dishes aren't sugary like many mainstream restaurants.   Even their salads and soups which tend to be bland and ordinary in most Chinese places are fresh and unique.  Their meat dishes are always tender.  And as others have mentioned they have an awesome juice bar and tea selection.  We have tried many of their specialty juice blends, smoothies and iced teas and they were always refreshing and flavorful.  Anything you try here, you won't be disappointed! Staff is also friendly and accommodating.  When our kids were little, they were especially generous with them.  They would bring lollipops or even popsicles in the Summer at the end of the meal for free!  I haven't eaten in the restaurant in a while (we usually get takeout), but they would also bring out fresh hot doughnuts (with a yummy lemon filling) for free at the end of the meal.  They love their customers here.  :)"

-Cara P.

"Fantastic experience on a long awaited visit to have a taste of homestyle deliciousness from my Momma's motherland.  I'll say it has the hospitality, specialty dishes, and ambiance that the Taiwanese can offer.  It was a humid day and the staff was doing it's best to keep the air flowing through the place.  The management was great at visiting tables and checking on their patrons.  The food was fresh and appealing, served promptly to our table.  The dishes were creative and bountiful. The tea was delicious! It was especially delightful when the staff sang, " Happy Birthday," to me and gave me a balloon animal and cupcake with maraschino cherry. "

-Heather R.

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